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TSOHost Review

I moved to TSO Host right at the end of December last year, after having been a customer with HostPapa for a long time. Although price wasn’t the main reason for moving, the fact that TSO Host was 30% cheaper than HostPapa for a years hosting certainly helped me to make my mind up. I had read quite a lot of reviews of several web hosting companies before deciding on TSO Host. Most of their reviews seemed positive and praised the quality of their support. I believe the quality of support is one of the most important aspects of choosing a hosting company, as if something goes wrong you will potentially be relying on these people to get your data/services back.Tsohost.Logo.PrimaryWhen deciding which plan I would need, the bandwidth allocation caused me some pause for thought. HostPapa had previously given me ‘unlimited’ bandwidth (although this is based on their ‘unlimited’ usage policy so not truly unlimited in the real sense of the word!). I was slightly concerned that the 150GB offered by TSO Host Professional package might not be enough, but I was reassured after reading their FAQ which states that they won’t take your site offline without contacting you first. Even if, as they say, you receive a sudden burst of traffic that takes the bandwidth usage to 100% then they still won’t automatically take it offline.

After signing up, I immediately received an email from one of their team introducing themselves as my ‘Concierge’ and offering assistance. Although a bit of a gimmick, this seems like a nice touch and gives you a great starting point if you need help right away. One of their key selling points is their free website migration service. With this service, you give them the login details to your previous web hosting account and they will go in and copy all files and move any databases over to the TSO Host system. Although I didn’t make use of this, it seems like a great service to be able to offer and very helpful for less technical customers.

Their Cloud Dashboard is what you use to manage your web sites hosted with TSO Host (at least it is with the Professional hosting package that I chose). It’s easy to use and gives you access to everything you need to manage your site like FTP accounts, subdomains and MySQL databases. If you have multiple web sites it’s easy to switch between them using the Cloud Dashboard and it’s also very quick and easy to add a new website to your package.

To conclude, I’ve been very happy with my move to TSO Host. My sites are quicker to load (HostPapa was hosting them in California, USA whereas now they are hosted in Maidenhead, UK), the yearly cost is less, and I feel that the support provided by TSO Host is superior. I would not hesitate to recommend TSO Host to anybody looking for a UK based web host.